Jewelry Candles Review – Is Jewelry Candles A Scam

Jewelry candles is a brand of fragrance candles with a piece of jewelry, with value from $10 to $7,500, hidden inside. This is one way you can make money using Jewelry Candles.

Another way to make money with Jewelry Candles is by becoming a consultant for the company.

Now, if you are thinking this Jewelry Candles review has a secret to uncover the candle with a $7,500 jewel inside, then you might want to read what I am about to share in this post.

Hello and welcome to our mlm coffee talk.

I understand you are searching for an opportunity to build a life dream of financial freedom, and you are thinking about starting your own Jewelry Candles business.

It smarts for you to stop by and read this Jewelry Candles review before investing with the program.

In this review, we’ll discuss the following:

  • What are the Jewelry Candles?
  • The process to become a Jewelry Candles consultant.
  • The costs to start a Jewelry Candles business.
  • Will you make money with Jewelry Candles? And
  • Is Jewelry Candles a scam or legit?

Reading this Jewelry Candles review, you should be able to decide if this is the right opportunity for you to achieve your financial goals and dreams.

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Jewelry Candles Review Summary

Business Opportunity:
Multilevel-Marketing (MLM)

Initial Investments: $19.95, $99.95, $149.95, $249.95, and $499.95

Annual Revenue: $2.7 Million

  • Jewelry Candles manufactures and distributes premium soy fragrance candles with a special twist, each candle contains a hidden jewel.
  • Jewelry Candles offers two ways to make money, using the candles to find the jewel inside or becoming an independent consultant selling Jewelry candles.
  • Jewelry Candles is not an mlm company. You make money by selling candles directly to your customers, not recruiting commission.
  • To become a successful consultant, you must have good sales skills. This opportunity is not suitable for people without direct selling experience.

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What Is The Jewelry Candles?

Jewelry Candles is a company that manufactures and sells high-quality soy fragrance candles where Inside each candle is a hidden jewel that can be worth anywhere from $10 to $7500.

The company distributes its products exclusively through the network independent consultants and online.

Jewelry Candles were launched in 2012 by Osagie Enaiho which was inspired by the famous classic movie, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory!

At the time of writing this review, Jewelry Candles estimated sales revenue is $2.7 Million, which is considered to be a small and very risky investment.

Jewelry Candles is not an mlm opportunity. You make money by selling candles, not through recruiting others.

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This opportunity is similar to affiliate marketing, where you earn commissions on the sales of products.

You must carefully evaluate and compare Jewelry Candles business with other home-based opportunities before joining.

Block—You can use My Writing Business to make a comparison.

Become A Jewelry Candles Consultant

You don’t need a sponsor to become a Jewelry Candles consultant.

You can visit the company website to apply for a rep account by purchasing one of the Jewelry Candles rep kits.

Once you have purchased a rep kit, you are in business as a Jewelry Candles consultant.

The Cost To Become A Jewelry Candles Consultant?

You have five rep kits to choose and purchase to become a Jewelry Candles consultant.

The kits start at $19.95, $99.95, $149.95, $249.95, and $499.95. The cost to join Jewelry Candles is depending on the rep kit you purchased.

Jewelry Candles review rep kits

Except for the website only kit, the other rep kits contain products and marketing materials for you to launch your Jewelry Candles business.

Besides the cost of the rep kit, there other business expenses to operate your Jewelry Candles business. These include your time, the marketing costs, travel expenses, and gas.

Jewelry Candles Compensation Plan

Purchasing a rep kit only gives you the right to a discount.

You have to purchase Jewelry Candles to resell or sell directly from your replicated website to earn commissions.

Before continuing with the discussion on Jewelry Candle compensation, I like to say this; this business opportunity is no different from Affiliate Marketing. However, you have to pay Jewelry Candles while it’s free to join other affiliate marketing programs.

I’ll provide a brief explanation of the Jewelry Candles compensation plan below.

You have only one way to earn money with Jewelry Candles, sell products.

Make Money Selling Jewelry Candles

You earn a 20% commission on all sales and personal purchase. Nothing more.

Jewelry Candles considers a 20% commission as Great!

Just for your information, the Wealthy Affiliate program pays up to 50% commission on all sales.

But the question is, can you sell Jewelry Candle on the market?

Each Jewelry Candles cost $24.95. I did a quick search on eBay, the famous site for dumping mlm products. I found thousands of 18 oz candles sell for less than $9.

Jewelry Candles scam products

Overpriced is the reason many consultants have a hard time making money selling Jewelry Candles.

Can You Make Money With Jewelry Candles?

You have to sell a lot of Jewelry Candles to make a good income with a 20% commission.

Example, selling each $24.95 candle you earn $4.99. To make $30,000 a year, you must sell 6,012 candles, approximately 501 candles each month.

If you think you can sell over 6,000 candles each year, then yes, you can make money with Jewelry Candles.

But why would you pay hundreds of dollars to get an opportunity to earn a 20% commission?

There are hundreds of affiliate marketing programs online that pay a higher commission, and it’s free to join.

Look at the Amazon affiliate program, it’s free to join and you have millions of products to sell. Thousands of affiliate marketers make millions each year with Amazon.

Why join Jewelry Candles?

Is Jewelry Candles A Scam?

Jewelry Candles is a business opportunity. Every business has risks.

You are responsible to carefully research, study, and investigate the Jewelry Candles business opportunity before investing.

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Reading this Jewelry Candles Review is a good way to learn the risks and rewards associated with this home-based business.

As the owner of an Online Business Review, I have evaluated hundreds of small businesses to help investors identified and discover the right opportunity to invest.

As a business opportunity, Jewelry Candles business is not a scam. It is a very competitive and low commission business opportunity.

You are unlikely to make millions selling candles.

Is Jewelry Candles A Pyramid Scheme?

Jewelry Candles is not an mlm company. This is a regular affiliate marketing program, selling products to earn commissions.

The disadvantage of Jewelry Candles opportunity is that consultants do not make money on recruiting people.

Without the recruiting commission, it’s not easy to make money selling a single product, candles.

It is likely that most consultants are ending up becoming customers of Jewelry Candles.

Is Jewelry Candles Worth It?

For a 20% commission, I don’t think Jewelry Candles business worth it.

It is unlikely that you will achieve your financial dream with this opportunity.

However, the decision to join the Jewelry Candles business is yours to make.

Let me ask you this,

Do you know why you want to start a home-based business?

To earn extra money from home, to be your own boss, or to achieve financial freedom?

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One more thing you have to understand is “Business Control”.

As a Jewelry Candles consultant, you must obey Jewelry Candles business rules and policies to make money.

You have ZERO control over what products to sell or how to promote your business.

What happens if Jewelry Candles goes out of business?

You are out of business! You lose everything and nothing you can do about it.

You start a business to build long-term incomes.

You want to create a system that generates money far into the future. Isn’t this the #1 reason you want to build a successful business?

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I really don’t understand why an investor would pay hundreds of dollars for the chance to earn 20% commission?

There are much better home-based business opportunities that are free to join and pay better commission compared to Jewelry Candles.

But this is your decision.

I hope this Jewelry Candles review answers your question, is Jewelry Candles a scam?

Until next time.

Please share your own Jewelry Candles review below.

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