The ClickBank Cash Code Review – A Scam or Legit

The ClickBank Cash Code is also known as “The CB Cash Code.” This system develops by George Patterson which supposes to help people earn $8,122 per day with ClickBank Marketplace.

The ClickBank Cash Code offers a business opportunity that is too good to be true.

You must be skeptical about this $8,122 earning per day promise from the ClickBank Cash Code? Or wondering if this another online scam?

This ClickBank Cash Code Review is one way for me to share with you the truth about this ClickBank product.

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What Is the ClickBank Cash Code About?

The ClickBank Cash Code is a ClickBank affiliate marketing training program created by George Patterson which claims to help people earn $8,122 per day using a “secret site” or the ClickBank Marketplace.

ClickBank Marketplace is not a “secret site,” and everyone knows there are two ways to make money online with this platform. You can become a ClickBank Vendors or ClickBank Affiliate. Click here to learn more about “How to Make Money with ClickBank.”

George Patterson is a ClickBank Vendor, and he makes money online by creating digital products such as the ClickBank Cash Code to sell on the ClickBank platform.

One thing that has never happened on ClickBank is for someone to make over $8K per day working only 10 minutes. Even ClickBank doesn’t make this claim. This red flag is easily spotted by any experience ClickBank affiliate.

Here are some other ClickBank products that use the same marketing hype, Five Minute Profit Sites, AZ Formula, and Viral Cash App just to name a few.

What bothers me the most is the fact that ClickBank allows George to use its name in the product, ClickBank. This misleads beginners to believe that the product is legit from ClickBank, but, this is not.

You would have thought that the ClickBank Cash Code has some secret tips to help you succeed with the ClickBank platform. But wait until you see what’s inside the members’ training area.

How Does the ClickBank Cash Code Really Work?

The ClickBank Cash Code training program consists of four (4) PDF eBooks which give you an overview of how to make money as a ClickBank affiliate.

Here is a brief description of each eBook that you will get after paying $37.

The ClickBank Cash Code (Main Training Guide):

This eBook teaches you how to become an affiliate marketer for ClickBank. It provides you with basic information such as creating an account, choosing and selecting products to promote, finding and avoiding products with low-quality, understanding the ClickBank stats, and more.

The guide also touches on the fundamental steps of promoting ClickBank products using different traffic strategies such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid advertising.

ClickBank Cash Pro

This second eBook guide covers the sources of web traffic. It discusses email marketing, online paid advertisements (PCP), Display ads, and SEO.

I do not consider this eBook to be a training lesson. It is more of an information guide to tell you the basic of each online marketing topic. It lacks the detailed explanation to make this a training book.

I recommend this free ‘Guide To Make Money Online‘. It teaches you about affiliate marketing better than ClickBank cash pro.

The guide only explains the basic stuff such as how you set up your paid advertising campaign using Google Keyword Planner, how to find, tweaking, and deal with negative keywords, and how to adjust your ad budget. You can find all of these on Google Support pages.

It also covers basic subjects of email marketing such as creating email campaigns, adding your ClickBank affiliate links, and certain common mistakes to avoid.

ClickBank Book Plus & ClickBank Cash Code Secret Method

Both guides are focused on generating traffic through social media networks, Google AdWords, and SEO.

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It discusses the basic use of the Facebook page and viral posts to drive traffic to your landing pages and product pages.

You will also see topics on SEO and online paid advertisements, but most of these topics are so basic that you cannot use them to make $8,122 per day. It is impossible.

The ClickBank Cash Code training eBooks are just a summary of different affiliate marketing methods that people have used to make money online, not just with ClickBank. There is no secret code in this program.

The entire training program is in these 4 PDF guides. There is no over the shoulder video tutorials, coaching, or support. It is unlikely that anyone can use these eBooks to build an online business.

What Is the Cost to Join ClickBank Cash Code?

The initial fee to join ClickBank Cash Code is $37. However, there are some upsells before you can get your hand on the training PDF guides.

Upsells are normal with ClickBank products. It is not a scam to have upsells.

The problem with the ClickBank Cash Code is with the training lessons. They are so scrappy and basic, plus you can get most of them for free online. In my opinion, this training program is nothing more than a scam to get your money.

If you are going to purchase the ClickBank Cash Code, remember to not purchase any upsells. The 60-days money back guarantee does not cover upsell products. It only covers the $37.

The ClickBank Cash Code Business Review

Based on the unrealistic claims and lousy training program, I must inform you that you will not make $8,122 per day. This is a lie.

Just take a few seconds and do the math, if a person makes $8,122 a day, this means he or she will make about $3 million per year doing 10 minutes of work each day. Do you believe this? I’ll let you answer this.

Most of the training lessons from ClickBank Cash Code you can get them for free online. Here 10 Free Training Lessons that you can use to compare with the ClickBank Cash Code. I personally think these 10 free lessons are much better than the 4 PDF eBook. Click on the link to check it for yourself.

Is ClickBank Cash Code A Scam or Legit?

Some online reviewers promoting this product have stated that the ClickBank Cash Code is not a scam. This is because they want to make a commission from you. This is bad.

If you want more red flags to prove this system does not work, then I have gathered a few Major Red Flags for you.

A Secret ClickBank Cash Code Site

In the promotional video, the creator of ClickBank Cash Code told us that he learned of a “secret site” that you can make tons of money online from someone by the name Jeremy. Jeremy has reviewed with him the secret site is “ClickBank.”

If you have never heard of ClickBank, then this might be a secret website for you.

ClickBank is a well know affiliate network platform where affiliate marketers and vendors meet to make money online by promoting each other products. This website is not a secret. Here’s my review on the ClickBank.

The secret website was created to excite the newbies into joining the program.

Fake Testimonials

Those income testimonials on the ClickBank Cash Code promotional video are not real. These are actors and actresses that the product creator has hired from Fiverr to record these testimonials. It cost him about $5 each.

The lady who claimed to make $80K per month on ClickBank working only 10 minutes per day is actually an actress from Fiverr. She has appeared in numerous fake testimonial videos. Probably, most of her online income is from these false testimonials.

CB cash code fake testimonial #1

What about the gentlemen sitting in his bedroom, claiming he had made $1,000’s with ClickBank Cash Code and bought a new BMW i8. His bedroom looks like a dump. If you are making that much money, then why are you living in that condition. I am confident that his testimony is fake.

ClickBank cash code fake testimonial #2

These testimonials are not from real members. None of these people make money with the ClickBank Cash Code. They make money selling fake video testimonials.

The ClickBank Cash Code Founder Is Fake

One major red flag is about the founder. George Patterson is a makeup character. He is not real.

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I am unable to find a picture or evidence of a person name George Patterson. This is why I believe he doesn’t exist.

I have done so many reviews on scam products. Every time that I cannot identify or locate the product creator, this is a red flag. This is likely a scam.

Think about this, if you have invented such an awesome money making system like the ClickBank Cash Code, why are you hiding your identity? Everybody loves to show off their success.

The ClickBank Cash Code is a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

I am providing you with these real facts which you will agree with me that the ClickBank Cash Code is a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme.

  1. You can earn money today under 15 minutes and 14 Clicks
  2. The lady stated that she made $8,122 per day working for about 10 minutes.
  3. The ClickBank Cash Code email says you can make $52,000 in 15 days with this system.
  4. The ClickBank Cash Code claims that people are making $80,000 or more per month “quickly and easily”.

These are all the red flags for a scam.

Can you make money with The ClickBank Cash Code?

The ClickBank Cash Code training is so crappy and basic that I can’t see how a newbie can make $8K per day with this system.

You might be able to make a small commission promoting the ClickBank Cash Code to friends and families, but making $8,122 a day is impossible.

The affiliate marketing methods provide in the 4 PDF eBook legit, but you can get these for free online. You cannot use these lessons to build a profitable online business. This is why they are giving out free training lessons.

There is nothing bad or wrong with free training lessons. They are a good way for beginners to learn basic affiliate marketing business. I strongly recommend all beginners to start their online journey this way, but why pay when you can get them for free?

Alternative To ClickBank Cash Code

Years ago, I start my affiliate marketing online journey with these 10 Free Affiliate Marketing Lessons.

The system that I have used to build a successful online business is called ‘The 4 Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success.’ Here are the 4 steps: Find a niche, build a website and create content, web traffic techniques, and website monetization.

This video also explains the 4 step affiliate marketing system.

basic affiliate marketing process

Here are some benefits that I have discovered using a free training program to start an online business:

  • Try before buy – It’s a way to try affiliate marketing before investing time and money. Read more.
  • NO obligation – Click here for a NO Payment Required free training account.
  • NO financial pressure – Start part-time before going full-time. Read more.
  • NO need to quit your job – The goal is to fire your boss, but not now. Read more.
  • Earn extra money – You can earn commissions with the free program. Click here to learn more.
  • Turn a hobby into a successful business – Anything is possible online. Read more.

The free training programs are designed for you to learn the basic skills of affiliate marketing. It is also a great way for beginners to try and see if an online business is what they enjoy doing.

Never pay for any online training program until you have an opportunity to try it first. This is how I found the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Here are some features that I like about the Wealthy Affiliate training program.

It is FREE to join: No payment required and No upsell. Click here to train for free.

Free training lessons: Basic affiliate marketing lessons are free. You can take as long as you want to finish. They also offer advanced lessons, but you don’t have to buy. Check these 10 Free Lessons.

Free tools: This program offers 2 free websites and free keyword research, for their students to practice what they have learned. This is over $300 online tools for free. Click here to check out the tools.

Finally, I have used this program to build a successful online business making over $10K a month. Here’s my profile.

I invite you to join this program and train with me. You can connect with me and I can help you along the way. This is my free offer.

free online business coach

If you have any questions or comments about this ClickBank Cash Code review, please leave a message for me below.

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